Meet Caprice Bello. She’s broke, living in her grandparent’s basement, and due to an impulsive act, in need of a new career. When a friend offers to help her land a job selling pharmaceuticals she’s reluctant, but then caves. After all, the pay is decent, the company car is free, and doctors are the nice guys. Besides, how hard could the job be?


Turns out, plenty. Caprice completes a crash course in pharma sales and hits the field determined to earn a top sales award and luxury trip to Australia. Too bad she’s unprepared for mean doctors and even meaner coworkers. Add to that an unrequited crush on a colleague, and suddenly her easy job is anything but.


Before long, Caprice experiences a series of snafus that cause her rising sales to tank. Not only is her goal of winning the top award and trip waylaid, but her new career is in real jeopardy. Desperate, Caprice gambles on a risky strategy that will result in glorious victory or spectacular defeat.


Fast-paced and filled with unforgettable characters, Ms. Medicine is the perfect read when fun is prescribed!