After spending 16 years selling pharmaceuticals, I got fed-up with corporate life and quit. I drew from my experiences to write Ms. Medicine.

6 Facts About Olivia:

1.)  I grew up with Rose, a make-believe friend, who was not only loyal, but also a great listener. However, typical of pubescent relationships, our friendship fell apart after Rose decided her opinions mattered too.  As if. Now I rely on the cat for my one-sided conversations. It’s a relationship that really works.

2.)  I’m married to Clint, an easy-going guy I met in college. In spite of his penchant for wearing mustard-colored shirts that lent him an unfortunate pallor, Clint won my heart with a breathy and spot-on Michael Jackson impersonation (“Oh Tito” indeed).

3.  Speaking of impersonations, I have a knack for imitation.  This could be because I’m a first generation Italian-American and my parents’ English was heavy on the Italian accent. Their unique way of pronouncing words forced me to develop “an ear for dialect.” I absolutely love listening, learning, and mimicking all kinds of accents.

4.  I have two teen daughters, which I (lovingly?) refer to as #1 and #2.

5.  A gym-goer, I can usually be spotted in the weight room singing to George Michael songs and trying to figure out how to work #1’s discarded iPod. (As an aside, I’m horrible with technology).

6.  While I don’t have a sunny disposition, I enjoy a hearty laugh and write things in my novels that amuse me.

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